Craig Groeschel shares a Christ-centered philosophy on everything from money to scheduling to purity, to help participants break out of the normal rut and live according to the rhythms of God’s grace and the truth of his Word.

Normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Many of their relationships are strained. Even though we live in one of the most prosperous places on earth, normal is still living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. In our oversexed world, lust, premarital sex, guilt, and shame are far more common than purity, virginity, and a healthy married sex life. And when it comes to God, the majority believe in him, but the teachings of Scripture rarely make it into their everyday lives.

Session Titles:

  1. The God Kind of Weird
  2. It’s Time to Be Weird
  3. Weird That Money Can’t Buy
  4. Pleasing God Is Weird
  5. Weird Makes You Truly Sexy
  6. The Weirdest Blessing Possible

This Study Includes:

  • Six 18-20 minute teaching sessions with Craig Groeschel
  • Includes individual and group activities, quote, assessments, additional background material, and between-session personal studies
  • Six-session DVD and corresponding study guide


Session One:


When Craig Groeschel founded Life.Church, the congregation met in a borrowed two-car garage, with ratty furnishings and faulty audiovisual equipment.

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